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We produce innovative, durable and price affordable materials for agricultural and garden industry. More effective and environmentally friendly production of crops is our objective!

Geocover is a leader in Polish, eastern and EU market in production of mulching and cover agrotextiles, agrofabrics and sheets on straw.

We work on continuous development through technological innovations and keeping strict standards of quality control.

We know that our customers have extraordinary and dynamic needs and we try to build products that ensure our customers maximal return of investment.


Piotr Mielczarek

Chairman of Geocover

Continuous development:

Vision Passion Action

The mission of Geocover is to create materials in the way that is worthy the market leader, with respect for natural environment. We invest in modern supply base, we improve qualifications of our team. Each day we build satisfaction of our Customers.

Our company and products were appreciated with many prizes. In 2020 we obtained the prize Gazelles of Business that is awarded to the most dynamic Polish enterprises. In 2021 we obtained the certificate POLISH GOOD BRAND. The certificate is awarded among others for native origin of producer, trust of receivers, long standing tradition and high quality of product or service. In 2019 we obtained the Golden Certificate of Thorough Company and were the Laureate of Emblem: Product of Year 2019.


The best solutions for agricultural and garden industry

We cover, wrap, shield, protect – we just take care of Your plants. We do it regardless of hour, time of the day, season or prevailing weather.

Our products have the certificate Oeko-Tex. It means that our materials are safe for environment and free of such substances as among others heavy metals, forbidden azo dyes, pesticides, chlorophenols, formaldehydes and auxiliary dyes and substances causing allergy.

Mulching agrotextile

With UV stabiliser, against weeds, for mulching.

Cover agrotextiles

They ensure perfect protection of plants that are especially sensitive to very low temperatures or strong, piercing winds.


They are effective solution improving the effectiveness of production of fruits, fruit bushes, strawberries and vegetable plants.

Agrotextile on clamps

Thanks to its properties it will protect stored crops from strong frosts ensuring proper temperature.

We change the future

Balanced development of agriculture

The application of agrofabrics and agrotextiles in agriculture, pomiculture and gardening influences irrigation, nutrition of plants or probability of eventual occurrence of pests and illnesses. It translates into reduction of number of applied pesticides or amount of water necessary to keep proper humidity of soil.

So the application of innovations in agriculture enables to maximize production of crops with possible little impact on natural environment. It is extraordinary important, because environment protection becomes the priority for the majory of countries of European Union.

Saving money

Strong UV concentrate ensures our products long durability and allows to use them for some seasons. Our materials suppress weeds and help soil to keep humidity and nutrients.

Quality confirmed by certificates

Geocover is among others tradition and worked out for years opinion of credible and sure business partner. The confirmation of it are numerous prizes and honourable mentions that the company obtained for years and obtains still.

Innovative solutions

We invest continuously in new technologies. In 2020 we have extended current plant in Lodz that is one of the biggest plants in Europe. Our cover agrotextiles that we combined in innovative way: by double sewed stitch have the greatest strength in the market.

The highest service quality

We improve systematically tools supporting the service that combine in it the best practices from the market, opinions of Customers and practical look of our consultants.

Charity activity

We become involved into charity actions, we sponsor sport events, we share with the others in the name of building community and good neighbourhood.

International sale network

We provide our solutions to customers in whole Europe. We conduct wholesale and retail sale. We offer our products at competitive prices.

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