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Agrotextile for beetroot heaps

When should heap be covered?

Part (about 35%) of stored vegetables should protrude slightly over surface of ground. Obviously such excess should be covered with agrotextile and then covered up with thin layer of ground. Thanks to such action vegetables will be cooled down gradually. Remember not to allow vegetables to freeze! Therefore before occurrence of light frost increase the layer of ground on clamp, add straw and apply agrotextile on the top. High quality agrotextile Geocover will protect stored crops from strong frosts, ensuring proper temperature in the clamp.

Formed heap should be covered before occurrence of light frosts and forecasted rainfalls or snowfalls. It is essential, because frozen or thawed beetroots are not useful for further storage. At covering it is necessary to pay attention to exact cleaning crops – significant contaminations with ground or weeds can lead to overheating heap and therefore to quick growing and decomposition of roots. The mistake is application of agrotextile on heaps in negligent or partial way. Appropriately applied agrotextile on heaps stabilizes temperature in heap and also protect roots from getting soaked through. Water is freely piped outside on surface of cover. Beetroots stored under agrotextile do not lose even in longer period their parameters and therefore the planter is not exposed to financial losses.


In our offer You will find agrotextile for beetroot heaps with grammage of 50 g/m2 or 110 g/m2. Agrotextile is perfectly useful for beetroot heaps. For convenience of our Customers we prepared agrotextile for beetroot heaps in various sizes.

Agrotextile on heaps Geocover P50 – white is designed for safe storage of beetroots. Agrotextile ensures stabilisation of temperature in heap and does not allow crops to be overheated or be frozen. Furthermore it protects roots from getting soaked through, because water evaporates freely from surface of cover. Grammage of product of 50 g/m2 allows to use it repeatedly provided that it will be appropriately stored after transportation of beetroots to sugar factory. This agrotextile is alternative to covers from agrotextile with higher grammage that are more expensive. Our customers indicate that it is perfectly useful for storage of other field vegetables – carrots or onions.

Agrotextile on heaps P110 ensures the best protection of beetroot heaps. Its high grammage of 110 g/m2 guarantees long longevity of product and the best protection of crops stored in heap. Contrary to plastic films it does not allow heap to be overheated and protects simultaneously from freezing. The permeability of agrotextile allows water to evaporate from surface of cover and thanks to this fact roots stay dry and stored crops do not decay and do not grow mouldy. Protective properties of agrotextile and strong dose of UV stabiliser allow to protect professionally heap from atmospheric factors. Our customers state that it is furthermore excellently useful for storage of other field vegetables – carrots or onions.