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Cover agrotextiles

Autumn / spring cover agrotextile

Cover agrotextile Geocover is designed for direct covering sown or planted crops. Protection of plants in spring and autumn months, in which the highest temperature changes are noted. Spring agrotextile allows to create lagging ensuring cultivations appropriate conditions of growth. It makes protection from low temperature – in the cover there is a bot higher temperature than outside of it. It allows to protect a plant from freezing and helps it to grow. Autumn and spring agrotextile makes also cover against wind that is especially intensive in these seasons. If You will be cover plants with agrotextile, You will take care better of their water balance. The layer of agrotextile will prevent overdrying. The material lets rain water in and protects simultaneously from excessive evaporating humidity from soil. Large fluctuation of temperatures in short periods can threaten really plants – especially young bushes and varieties that are not frost-resistant. Spring agrotextile will protect young shoots from too low temperature.

Agrotextile GEOCOVER protects plants from:

Light frost and low temperatures

Too quick loss
of soil water


by hailstorm



with dusts

Damage by rodents
and birds

What are next advantages of cover agrotextile?

This agrotextile lets partially light, water and air in, what enables vegetation processes of plants to occur. Additionally both sides of it are identical and therefore there is of no importance, which of them will be spread. Cover agrotextile Geocover is characterised by the highest quality. It has double strengthened seam sewed with double stitch and furthermore at widths over 3,20 m strengthened edges (at grammages 20 g/m2 and 23 g/m2).

Spring and autumn cover agrotextile is available in grammages: 17 g/m2, 20 g/m2, 23 g/m2 and 30 g/m2.

Spring and autumn cover agrotextile is available in grammages:

Agrotextile Geocover P17 is distinguished by extremely thin structure in comparison to other cover agrotextiles offered in the market. The lightness and high quality that is ensured by application of strong UV concentrate belong to undoubted advantages of this agrotextile. Delicate structure enables to spread it directly on seedlings without excessive loading that is harmful for young cultivations. Simultaneously agrotextile is characterised by low price and it ensures high quality standards.

Agrotextile Geocover P20 ensures optimal protection of plants in the case of light frost and some degrees of frost. Its activity is intensified by freezing water that accumulates in cracks of product that makes additionally the layer protecting plants from fall of temperature. This agrotextile is also applied at acceleration of yielding of plants. Higher temperature of air and soil under cover from material ensures plant very favourable conditions of growth. Plants that are under cover are protected furthermore from:

-burning leaves (sunlight is diffused)

-harmful action of torrential rain and hail.

Agrotextile ensures correct circulation of air and has strong UV concentrate. At width over 3,2 m its edges are strengthened. In the process of production innovative way of connection – sewing or welding – and not gluing is used, what ensures it the greatest durability among agrotextiles available in the market. It is especially recommended for covering carrots, cucumbers, radishes, lettuces and other plants that are not resistant against light frost and low temperatures.

Agrotextile Geocover P23 is one of the most durable products among agrotextiles applied in spring, autumn and winter season. This agrotextile is distinguished by extraordinary grammage that guarantees longer longevity in comparison with thinner agrotextiles. Similar as other cover products of Geocover brand it has the strongest UV concentrate. Edges of each agrotextile with width over 3,2 m are strengthened to avoid tearing. In the process of production innovative way of connection – sewing or welding – and not gluing is used, what ensures it optimal durability. This product is protection for plants during occurrence of low temperatures, drying out winds (especially on free of snow days, when natural protection in the form of snow cover lacks). Additionally it ensures plants very favourable conditions of growth thanks to increased temperature of air and soil, what causes stimulation of vegetation that brings earlier crops. It is especially appreciated by planters of strawberries.

Agrotextile Geocover P30 ensures perfect protection of plants that are especially sensitive to very low temperatures or strong, piercing winds. It is used very often for covering potatoes. It is perfectly useful as well then, if it is laid on the ground as fixed on frames. Due to the height of grammage of product, free edges do not have to be already strengthened. Strong UV concentrate and sewed or welded seams ensure extraordinary durability. Agrotextile let partially light, water and air in. While its grammage ensures high longevity.

Winter cover agrotextile

Winter cover agrotextile

Cover agrotextile Geocover is designed for direct covering sown or planted crops. Creating lagging ensuring them proper conditions of growth and protection from low temperature, wind, overdrying and large fluctuation of temperatures in short periods belong to its tasks. Agrotextile lets partially light, water and air in, what makes occurrence of vegetation processes of plants possible. Additionally both sides of it are identical and therefore it is of no significance, which of them will be spread. Cover agrotextile Geocover is characterised through the highest quality. It has double strengthened seam, sewed with double stitch, what makes it exceptional in the market. Winter agrotextile is available in grammage of 50 g/m2.

It ensures appropriate conditions of growth

It protects from low temperature, frosty wind

It does not allow soil to be overdried

It lets optimal amount of light, water and air in

Protection from winter

Winter months is difficult time for plants. Changes of temperature, strong frost – especially in the night and merciless wind can damage plants and disturb their correct growth. Therefore to avoid freezing it is necessary to remember appropriate protection of sown and planted crops. The best for this purpose will be white agrotextile called also winter agrotextile. White agrotextile available in our shop is made with the highest precision, so that it fulfils its role in possible best way. At its production we used modern solutions, one of them are sewed seams made with double strengthened stitch. Thanks to this fact winter agrotextile is even more resistant against damages, so it can be used not only for one season, but for some seasons.

What is the task of white agrotextile?

We create with it friendly environment for plant. After covering plants with white agrotextile the cover is made that separates plant from unfavourable atmospheric conditions. In such cover temperature is a bit higher than outside. It is effective protection of plant especially in months, in which very low temperatures prevail, cold winds blow and simultaneously there is no snowfall. Such weather scenario of winter season is extremely unfavourable for crops.


The cover is made of winter agrotextile and makes favourable conditions of development for plants, even in so unfriendly season as winter. Although agrotextile protects against low temperature and wind, it lets water in. Such solution enables full control of water balance and the lack of overdrying of plant – what is frequent during free of snow winters. White agrotextile does not limit access to light for agrotextile. In white agrotextile offered by us we did not forget the application of special UV concentrate. The us of UV stabiliser in material ensures durability of agrotextile against UV rays, it ensures the possibility of using material for longer time.


Winter agrotextile is applied at protection:

  • Ground plants (also overwintering vegetables),
  • Grapevines,
  • Conifers,
  • Bushes,
  • Fruit trees,
  • All varieties of plants that have limited frost-resistance.

During covering plant it is necessary to pay attention that white agrotextile should cover precisely whole plant, from the ground up to ends of shoots. Remember to choose proper size of white agrotextile, too small cover can damage plant.

In the offer of Geocover there is agrotextile with diversified dimensions, ready winter hoods and protective sleeves.