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Mulching agrotextile

About mulching agrotextile

Running cultivation of plants You want possible good for them. You fertilizes, protects against pests, takes care of their growth. Don’t allow weeds to become competition for them! There are very different ways for overcoming weeds.

It is possible to apply herbicides, but they can influence the quality of crops. Significant better solution is using mulching agrotextile Geocover that protects not only from growing and development of weeds, but also from loss of water. Mulching agrotextile was used in research conducted by Institute of Gardening in Skierniwice. Conducted experiment showed that material fulfils greatly such functions as protecting against weeds or keeping humidity in soil. Detailed results of research are here.

Mulching agrotextile Geocover is recommended to people who deal with cultivation of soil not only professionally, but also as amateurs.

Main objectives of mulching agrotextile Geocover are:

Increasing temperature of soil

Stabilisation and protection of temperature of soil

Prevention of development of weeds

Limitation of evaporating and loss of water

Ensuring collecting pure vegetables

What are advantages of Mulching Agrotextile?

This agrotextile increases temperature of soil, what improves environmental conditions around roots. Contrary to plastic films used for mulching, black agrotextile Geocover, thanks to it porous structure ensures permeability of water and air and enables plants healthy growth. Its next advantages is reduction of susceptibility of plants to pests and furthermore the increase of aesthetic virtues of garden, because it protects from getting dirty these fruits and flowers that grow low over soil and are exposed to precipitating particles of soil. This operation reduces also time of work related to cleaning after finished harvest in season. Strong UV concentrate of mulching agrotextile Geocover ensures it the highest durability in comparison to other available in the market.

Prevention of development of weeds

Development of weeds requires access of light conditioning photosynthesis. Blac dyes applied in mulching agrotextile reduce significantly permeability of light to the level limiting photosynthesis and therefore growth of weeds under agrotextile.

Control of evaporating and amount of water

Mulching agrotextile Geocover reduces the level of evaporating water from soil due to accumulated effect of reduction of thermal and wind evaporating. The limitation of development of weeds reduces competitive consumption of water. Porous structure of agrotextiles for mulching allows rain water and water from surface irrigation to go through to soil. Furthermore due to the fact that crops are separated from soil, planters collect them in not dirty state, what improves market crops and reduces consumption of water for washing.


Ideal for mulching cucumbers or tomatoes. It fights off effectively development of weeds and improves physical and chemical properties of soil, what accelerates growth of plants. Contrary to plastic films used for mulching, its porous structure allows to let in water and air freely. Due to its longevity (up to 2 seasons) it is especially recommended for cultivation of one-year plants.

Agrotextile Geocover P50 black is extraordinary popular among planters of strawberries. Its price is disproportionate low in relation to quality of product. It is optimal choice as well in the case of application in professional agriculture as in gardens near home or on garden plot. Agrotextile enables to eliminate weeds without application of herbicides. Contraty to plastic films used for mulching it is permeable for water and thanks to this fact precipitation or irrigation can permeate freely to covered soil.

Agrotextile Geocover P50 – brown is ideal product for flower beds – its colour harmonises perfectly with covered up bark, making natural effect. Thanks to this, it is possible to create garden with wonderful aesthetic virtues and simultaneously protect in professional way plants from weed infestation. These agrotextile, shading soil, prevents sprouting and growing weeds. Porous structure lets in perfectly water and does not allow soil to become overdried.

 Agrotextile Geocover P80 black PREMIUM is thick mulching agrotextile that is characterised through high durability. It is especially recommended for cultivation of perennial bushes and plants. It is commonly applied on plantation of blueberry or honeyberry. Despite of significant thickness it keeps it permeable properties and thanks to this fact precipitation or irrigation can permeate freely to covered soil. Agrotextile enables to eliminate growing weeds without necessity of application of herbicides.

Agrotextile Geocover P100 black PREMIUM is one of the most durable mulching agrotextiles. Its high grammage guarantee long longevity of product. Due to the above fact it is applied for mulching coniferous and berry plants. Porous structure of agrotextile allows rainfall water and irrigation water to soak through, not allowing soil to be overdried. Agrotextile with grammage of 100 g/m2 is very thick and thanks to this fact, intensively shading soil, it prevents sprouting weeds.

Agrotextile Geocover P150 – black is the strongest from offered agrotextiles. High grammage and as a consequence excellent durability are its characteristic properties. This product can be applied not only for mulching, it is perfectly useful in the case of establishing water reservoirs as reinforcement of shores. Agrotextile P150 is applied also at:

-stabilisation of flood banks

-greening verges and lanes between roadways or escarpments next to bridges, viaducts, railway lines

We recommend it also for using in the case of recultivation of old lawns. Its thickness and applied strong UV concentrate ensure the use for long years.